AD Capital Management (Hong Kong) Limited was founded in 2004 by Tat AuYeung, a veteran investor with over 25 years of experience in the equity investment industry.

AD, anno domini, means the Christian era and symbolizes richness and abundance. Consequently, AD Capital Management’s primary aim is to provide investors access to the China equity market via low-volatility funds. The China market, since its arrival on the international financial stage around 1997, has been characterized by boom-bust cycles and wide vacillations in investor sentiment. The firm is currently running the flagship fund – AD Greater China Alpha Fund launched in 2005.Our Fund is designed to maximize the capture of returns during extended market trends. Simultaneously, we strive to maximize the protection of capital during market downswings. The Fund is also designed to capture returns during times of ambiguity through the extensive use of short-term trading.

As the trend and demand of clients to invest globally grow, AD continues to broaden its services to provide solutions and models to implement global asset allocation, manage investments, and engage succession planning for clients. This is to protect their assets and help the families to transfer wealth from generation to generation, hence truly realize “rich and abundance”.

AD has a unique advantage and outstanding performance in global asset allocation and risk management.